The highlight of our museum is the Stilson Gallery, named for brothers Jim and Don Stilson who spearheaded the museum project.

Throughout the museum you will find lots of unique artifacts and treasures that, long ago, were an essential part of every-day life. Today, items we consider a necessity are founded on the principles used by our forefathers . . . .their tools, made life easier for them.

We Offer More Than Just Eye Candy

Located on Main Street in Hilton, The Candy Kitchen offered the town’s residents a full menu of delectable treats to satisfy more than just a sweet tooth. An original menu is available and we guarantee it will make you hungry.

It’s a Bird…..It’s a Plane …. It’s a…..

Voting Booth

This version of a voting booth is no longer in use but still needed.

Superman visited our museum. . . and left something behind.

An Apple A Day

There are several apples within our displays, but they will never grow old.

We invite you to visit our museum and take a peek into the timeline of Parma and Hilton through the artifacts and documents which help to explain history from our present into our past.

X Marks the Spot

If you are unable to visit, the photos below show a ‘smidgeon’ of what we have to share. If you look carefully within some of these photographs, you will find a blue and orange “X”. An item in that display is hidden behind the “X” and if you visit you will uncover the mystery item!

Museum Displays

Just a few of our museum displays are showcased below, but we have so much more. Stop on in – we’d love to show you history.

Kitchen Gallery

Included in the museum’s exhibits you will find the replica of a kitchen complete with a stove, cooking utensils and a table ready for a home-cooked meal to be served.

Tools, Tools, and More Tools

What are farm tools without a Blacksmith shop? The two are “melded” hand-in-hand. Our display houses tools that so unique they are no longer needed by today’s standards but were critical during their time.

Bedroom and Quilts

A period bedroom complete with hand-sewn quilts shares space with a long-handled device. Is it a popcorn maker? A banjo? A bed warmer?

Native American
Civil War Gallery

Our growing Civil War and Native American displays are rich with information which help to explain our deep roots in this area and our involvement in a young America.

General Store

Our General Store is a replica of many that dotted burgeoning towns across young America. In addition to selling a wide variety of goods, a general store was also a hub of social activity where residents could catch up on the news of its residents and that of neighboring towns.

The Fraser Parlor

Where a general store was a hub of the community, the parlor was such in a home. Before the advent of the television or telephone, families created their own entertainment through the playing of musical instruments, reading by oil lamps or listening to the Victrola. Snuggled up next to a fireplace, it was an opportunity to spend time together, exchange stories of the day’s events or relax.

Model Steam Shop

Take a walk thru history
find these items

Sew. . . . what do you think?

Visit our museum to DISCOVER history, see how we have worked to PRESERVE our local antiques, learn what we are doing to EDUCATE our community ……and find those hidden items!